Scientific Avisory Board

Dr Henk Garritsen MD

Henk S.P. Garritsen, M.D. PhD, trained in Transfusion Medicine at the University Hospital of Münster (Germany) and Deaconess Hospital Boston (USA). He is director of the Institute for Clinical Transfusion Medicine of the Staedtisches Klinikum Braunschweig.

His major academic interests are innovative cellular blood products and introduction of new diagnostic methods in transfusion medicine. He has published over 100 original articles, chapters and abstracts related to transfusion medicine.

Dr Thomas Brune MD

Dr Brune heads the Department of Neonatology at Klinikum Lippe in Detmold, Germany. He has an extensive background in blood transfusion management and has over thirty publications to his name, including articles discussing Hemanua's gravity-based blood separation system.


Dr Stef Stienstra

Dr Stienstra has an extensive experience  of blood transfusion management in field hospital and remote locations. He has served twice as head of blood bank in Helmand in the south of Afghanistan. He obtained his doctorate in both biochemistry and medicine at The University in Groningen, the Netherlands. He has worked as clinical chemist for the Royal Dutch Navy Hospital and subsequently as head of R&D of the academic Red Cross Blood Bank in Nijmegen.  He has obtained a patent on platelet preservation for transfusion with trehalose and developed innovative blood transfusion techniques with Quadrant Healthcare in Cambridge and at the Institute of Cell Processing in Tokyo. Since 1995 he is involved in blood separation with a hollow fiber technology.

He is active in several scientific advisory boards.

* All Electron Microscope photographs courtesy of Manfred Rohde and Kurt Dittmar, Helmholtz Center for infectious Research, Braunschweig, Germany