Blood Transfusion Saves Lives

Sang transfusion saves lives and improves health, but millions of patients requiring transfusion do  not have timely access to safe blood. Many people die because safe blood is not available even in  some urban health-care facilities.

Red Blood Red Blood Cells are the key life-saving component most often  needed. Geographic distance from blood centrifugation facilities is a critical issue during  rescue operations  following natural disasters, in maternity and trauma clinics in developing regions, and  in border  defense and humanitarian field hospitals. However, even inside world-class hospitals, it is not always possible to handle the separation of specialist blood cases without disrupting the streamlined  process-flow of a blood facility.  Such is the case for harvesting and separating cord blood for neonatal use.

Hemanua’s mission, based on its unique technology, is to bring  rapid, consistent, and high  quality blood separation to under-served geographies and to under-served needs.