Scientific Reviews

The following papers review investigation work by leading scientists working with the Hemanua system.


TRANSFUSION Volume 47, December 2007

Thomas Brune, Sara Fill, Gerd Heim, Angelika Rabsilber, Kathrin Wohlfarth, and Henk S.P. Garritsen  

Quality and stability of red cells derived from gravity-separated placental blood with a hollow-fiber system.


Vox Sanguinis (2005) 89, 81–85 Blackwell Publishing

V. S. Hornsey, K. McColl, O. Drummond & C. V. Prowse

Separation of whole blood into plasma and red cells by using a hollow-fibre filtration system.


Advances in Hematology Volume 2009

Article ID 175234, 6 pages doi:10.1155/2009/175234 Hindawi Publishing Corporation

T. Brune, K. Hannemann-Pohl, K. Nißle, N. Ecker, and H. Garritsen

Quality, Stability, and Safety Data of Packed Red Cells and Plasma Processed by Gravity Separation Using a New Fully Integrated Hollow-Fibre Filter Device

* All Electron Microscope photographs courtesy of Manfred Rohde and Kurt Dittmar, Helmholtz Center for infectious Research, Braunschweig, Germany