Innovative Technology

One core component of the Hemanua’s ProBlood technology is an extensive braid of hollow micro fibers  which propagate red bloods cells through the fibers, while simultaneously extracting the blood plasma  through the fiber walls. Using simply gravitation, a unit of donated whole blood may be immediately  separated into a unit of packed red blood cells and a unit of blood plasma.

Red blood cells (erythrocytes) flowing through the system, induced by gravity alone, are under significantly  less stress than the high g-forces they are subjected to in a classic centrifugation process.

The complete ProBlood system includes a donor blood bag with needle which, post donation, is hung on  a wall or a stand releasing the whole blood to flow through a leucocyte depletion filter (optional) followed  by the the ProBlood  Blood Processing system delivering  a unit of Packed Red Blood Cells to a separate  Blood Bag ready for use or temporary storage, and a unit of Plasma to a second Blood bag ready for  fractionation or other use.

The ProBlood Gravitation Blood Separation technology is covered by a  range of international patents covering both the  blood separation unit  configurations and manufacturing processes.