Autologous Blood

Pre-planned operations with expected high blood loss, such as hip-replacement procedures, may be performed without requiring donor blood.

This can be done either by applying certain blood saving techniques, or by using pre-donated autologous blood, donated by the patients themselves.

A major advantage of autologous blood is that it eliminates all risks (however small) for disease transfer or immunological reactions that could result from allogeneic blood transfusion. Similarly, for patients with rare blood groups or antibodies, the use of autologous blood might be preferred.

Such autologous blood can be collected and separated - safely, swiftly and easily - on site in the clinic thanks to the Hemanua ProBlood system.

Patients, who are not permitted to give donor blood for autologous transfusion in compliance with blood bank regulatory restrictions, can be enrolled in surgery with autologous blood, as the whole procedure of donation and blood cell processing is performed in the Hemanua system within the clinic.