Blood Transfusion Saves Lives


Even in the most advanced maternity clinics in the world, premature births may result in neonates  requiring a transfusion of red blood cells to respond to the onset of anemia.  The only option is often  adult blood.

The collection and separation of Cord Blood can be an ideal autologous source of red  cells as a first line of address for  neonatal anemia and neonatal blood loss resulting from blood  testing.

Logistics of collection and separation of cord blood for immediate re-use during the first few  weeks of birth is discordant with the normal blood workflow of a classic hospital blood facility.

The  ProBlood Neonatal is specifically designed as an ideal solution to collect, separate and locally store  packed red cord blood cells for neonatal use. Precautionary & temporary cord blood banking now  becomes possible and can be offered as a service to parents  worldwide.