Rescue scenarios, remote areas, disaster medicine and combat zones

In a Rescue situation that follows a natural disaster, blood donation is a unique and necessary method  to assist the injured: earthquakes, tsunami, floods, cyclones, landslides & volcanoes.

However the  supply of blood during a natural disaster can involve significant logistical challenges,  and often entails  the collection of blood at very distant locations from the disaster site itself adding to the complexity  associated with timely delivery.

The ProBlood Rescue is designed to be the de-facto standard setting  product for general use worldwide with a specific focus on rescue following natural disasters, rapid  response to humanitarian disasters, and border defense field hospitals.

The Hemanua system comes as a blood bank in a pack - from donation through to transfusion - that requires no electricity and minimal handling experience.

Donor blood can be separated on-the-spot and ready-for-transfusion within about fifty minutes.

Alternatively, by adding just a standard refrigerator, a mini-blood bank can be put in place with a full range of packed Blood Cells and with storage periods up to 42 days.