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Offering a unique solution to all corners of the world: separating blood at the point of donation. The ProBlood system opens tremendous opportunities to administer separated blood where whole blood has been the only option to-date.

For the first time it is now possible to set up mini-blood banks in remote locations ; in rescue scenarios following natural and humanitarian disasters, in remote maternity clinics facing maternal mortality challenges, and in the developing world clinics addressing severe pediatric anemia.

The ProBlood capability also opens up new opportunities for today's leading-edge Blood Banks to further streamline their processes and enhance flexibility of their mobile drives.

In advanced maternity clinics worldwide, the ProBlood  now makes possible the collection and separation of neonatal cord blood for temporary storage to act a first line of address for preterm neonatal anemia.

Similarly patients can now more easily be offered the choice of using their own, safe and matching blood for an upcoming operation now becomes manageable.

ProBlood is Hemanua's proprietary, innovative separation technology addressing a fundamental medical need: the availability of donor blood components, wherever and whenever required.

Hemanua : Treatment For EBOLA

Irish start-up Hemanua testing a product to treat Ebola virus

Innovative Technology :

Gravity-driven Blood Separation - No Electricity

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